The Evil of the FBI

SINCE WHEN IS IT ILLEGAL TO LIE TO LIARS? Lying to the FBI ((18 U.S.C. ยง 1001) is the common name for the United States federal crime laid out in Section 1001 of Title 18 of the United States Code. It prohibits in very general terms the knowing and willful making false or fraudulent statements, or concealing information, in “any matter within the jurisdiction” of the federal government of the United States, even by merely denying guilt when asked by a federal agent.

I grew up in a home where the breadwinner, my father, was a police officer. I was enamored with the police as a small boy. My dad being a policeman gave me an imagined sense of status, but it changed almost the moment I entered school. The other children were quick to repeat what they heard at home when someone in the family received a speeding ticket, or in the case of my friends Sonny and Teddy, their fathers ran afoul of the law. I learned at an early age to keep my mouth shut and not defend the cops, but I drew the line at my dad. That earned me my first black eye. I learned to keep my mouth shut and walk away.

My father’s profession affected our relationship. His job seemed to be more important than any of the things I was involved in. I was exposed to and personally knew the political strongmen in Pittsburgh and surrounding Alleghney County. They were not the heroes I might have imagined them to be, and if they weren’t, who was?

It wasn’t until I was involved in the aftermath of the Kathy Wilson Murder Case in which the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania framed an innocent man using falsified hair evidence and sworn testimony from an FBI expert (Ripe For the Picking: The Story of the Kathy Wilson Murder Case, 2000) I saw the system for what it really was. I watched as the U.S. Justice Department and FBI finally acknowledged that for more than two decades before 2000, nearly every FBI expert gave flawed forensic hair testimony in almost all trials of criminal defendants they reviewed. The cases included those of 32 defendants sentenced to death, 14 of whom were either executed or died in prison. The defendant in the Wilson case was on trial for his life, but was found not guilty in spite of the Commonwealth’s use of perjured testimony.

I found it difficult to comprehend the very real probability that innocent people were sent to their deaths just to get a conviction. Then I thought about many more wrongfully convicted who might still be in prison or even on death row in various states across the U.S. as a result of FBI perjury.

We had FBI agents in the community. One agent, married with a family in another city, shared an apartment with a local woman, while another was accused of rape. Then came the Obama Justice Department, selling guns to Mexican cartels, Loretta Lynch on the tarmac, James Comey, Peter Strzok, illegal warrants and falsified FISA statements just for starters. We dealt with that and then they have the unmitigated audacity to charge people with lying to them! It seems like some awful joke that is being played on the American people, but sadly, it isn’t.

Law abiding citizens are trapped, sandwiched between a gun-wielding underclass of lawless, violent minorities, and the corruption of an inbred political system designed to perpetuate itself and thrive on division. Law abiding citizen no longer trust their elected officials, and even cast a suspicious eye at the police. I’m a child of the sixties and I can no longer trust anyone over thirty, and I’m the same age as Donald Trump, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.

When I look at the likes of Charles Schumer who went directly from law school to public service and never worked at a real job, having to work for a living, and I ask how they can possibly understand what is really going on in the world? He isn’t the only one either! We had Clinton and Obama, too. George W. Bush failed miserably in business, but at least he was out there. There are so many who haven’t, yet they feel compelled to insist they know how to lead us. It is a gulf like this that makes me support a two-year mandatory draft at age 18 or graduation from high school. It makes me want term limits for Congress. Those who want to work in government must first be in the military. Eliminate the real entitlements – the seperate health system and special retirement apart from Social Security for government employees. I’ve never understood that one!

It is common sense for many, but I don’t see it that way, just as I question why the FBI can lie to me and that is legal? They can lie, but I can’t lie back to protect myself. I thought I had the right not to incriminate myself. Not being able to defend myself, being forced to answer truthfully, seems to violate that even if I do have the right to remain silent.

Now that the very credibility of an organization my father always held in high regard is obviously flawed, I take exception to a law that prohibits me from lying in the face of baiting conversations and the corruption of the likes of what is coming out of Washington on a near daily basis. There are a lot of questions regarding the behavior and activities of the FBI. Those in the system want the answers hidden from the rest of us. Liars protecting liars is what we have fallen to. We are there and we lose again.

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