We are writers who publish a monthly magazine

Every month we will have new feature stories. What differentiates us from the rest is the fact we accept submissions from aspiring artists and writers. We give you the opportunity to become a published author or an artist whose work is submitted for the scrutiny of others.

Our Story

The Mountain Laurel Review is the creative property of Mountain Laurel Publishing Corporation and Harold Thomas Beck. We are published writers and authors who assist others to become published.

The Mountain Laurel Review began publishing on July 28, 1993 with its August issue. Publisher Harold T. Beck, long fascinated with the history of northwestern Pennsylvania, began writing historical pieces for various local publications. When he wrote the first two chapters of Cornplanter Chronicles, his ex-wife, Sharyn, saw the potential and insisted he no longer give away his work. It was at dinner on the evening of June 14, 1993 (his birthday), She told him that he would either sell the story to a publisher, or develop his own publication where his writing could be featured. During the weeks that followed, Sharyn, Harold, and John Gates developed the concept that became the Mountain Laurel Review.

We (Mountain Laurel Publishing Corporation) edit works to be published, as well as re-writing manuscripts, screen plays, and books for publication. We also ghost write books for individuals who have a story they want told, but are unable to do the writing themselves.

Meet the boss

Harold Thomas Beck, Bud to those who know him well, is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the MLR. He a retired Professor of English. Dr. Beck holds a PhD in English & Irish Literature, as well as a PhD in Applied Linguistics. Bud Beck, Born Harold Thomas Beck II, PhD, PNP, was born in Pittsburgh, PA and is one of the foremost Linguists of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Professor, Publisher, Editor, Pundit, and Author. Mid Eastern and Asian languages historian, he is the ghost writer of the Humzah Legends, but most notably the celebrated author of Cornplanter Chronicles: A Tale of the Legendary Seneca Chieftain.

Other books by Harold Thomas Beck include: The First Terrorist Act, Tyrannus Bush?, The Wrong Arm of the Law, Adam’s First Wife, Jutland, Tyrannus Trump? The Crown of Persia, The Fifth Silver Coin, Humzah Takes a Wife, Blood and Gold, and The End of the World.

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